Banquet & Bridal

We can produce memorable events that will impress your guests.
We offer outstanding cuisine in Western and Japanese styles for special events,
such as a New Year’s Party, a year-end party, a school reunion,
an engagement ceremony, a farewell party, a memorial service, and other special occasions.
Japanese style chairs and tables are available in the 100 tatami mat banquet room.
We offer many type of banquet rooms and menus to meet your various needs
for all kinds of occasions including weddings, celebrations, and Buddhist ceremonies.
Please feel free to ask any questions in regard to your parties.

Banquet Halls

Forest INN IMARI offers
6 types of Japanese or Western style banquet halls,
depending on the number of people in your party.
Please consider using our facility for your next event.
(A picture on the right is the “SEIRA” hall.)
For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Floor area : an 80 tatami mats room
Capacity : 100 people
Floor area : a 108 tatami mats room
Capacity : 120 people
"HOUOU" Western style
Floor area : approx. 261m²
Capacity : 150 people
"KUJAKU" Western style
Floor area : approx. 96m²
Capacity : 50 people
"HORAI" Western style
Floor area : approx. 99m²
Capacity : 50 people
"HISHO" Western style
Floor area : approx. 440m²
Capacity : 350 people

Bridal & Wedding

It is the most important and once-in-a-lifetime event.
Realize your dream wedding
at the Forest INN IMARI.
Forest INN IMARI offers
the best plan to meet your expectation.
For more details, please consult us directly.

Photo Gallery

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Special cuisine for Buddhist memorial services

Forest INN IMARI offers 3 types of special full course cuisine for memorial services.
Enjoy the delicious flavor of each fresh seasonal ingredient.
* Menu is subject to change by season.

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