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How should I make a reservation?
We accept your reservation by telephone or online.
You can also make a walk-in reservation.
I made a reservation via Internet. Are there any other necessary procedures?
There is nothing else you need to do.
After you made a reservation, you will receive a confirmation notice by e-mail and/or by telephone.
Do I need to make a deposit?
It is not required, however we ask that you provide us with your credit card information.
How soon can I make reservations?
You can make a reservation a year in advance.
I'd like to cancel or change my reservation.
You can cancel or change your reservation by telephone, e-mail, or fax.
Is it possible to make reservations on the day of my stay?
We would greatly appreciate if you could contact us in the morning of the day of your stay.
Please tell me the details about cancellation fees.
For cancellations after 3 p.m. on the day before your reservation date, you will be charged 100% of the accommodation fees.


How to get to Forest INN IMARI?
Please refer to this [Access] page.
We will take a train. Where is the closest station?
JR Imari station or Matsuura Railway Imari station.
Do you offer the transportation service from the closest station?
We offer a shuttle service for a group of 10 or more.
Taxi fare from the closest station to the hotel is about 800 yen and is approximately a 10-minute drive. (The taxi fare starts at 620 yen in Imari city.)
Do you have any parking lots? How much is the parking fee?
Yes, we have a parking lot and you can park there for free.
Are the surrounding streets busy?
It depends on the time of day, but the streets in the direction from Arita to Imari are relatively busy.

Check in/out

What time can I check-in?
You can check-in after 15:00.
You will be charged one-night's accommodation fee if you request your early check-in in advance. For an early check-in request on the day of your stay, we will do our best to meet your request without any charge, but we can’t guarantee it. We recommend you to check-in before 19:00 due to dinner arrangements.
By what time should we check out?
You need to check out by 10:00.
How much do you charge for staying after check-out time?
The late check-out results in extra charges applicable by policy. (Late check-out is possible only when there are no reservations made by other guests for the same room.)
By 15:00 30% of the room charge
By 18:00 50% of the room charge
Over 18:00 100% of the room charge
Can I leave my baggage at the front desk before check-in or after check-out?
Yes, you can. We keep your baggage at the front desk except your valuables.
Can I use the spa before check-in or after check-out?
It depends on the time, but we will do our best to meet your request if you inform us in advance.
How should we do if we were late for check-in?
Please let us know if you cannot check-in before 18:00. We can make dinner arrangements by 19:00 if you inform us in advance.
Can we still check-in when it is past midnight?
You can still check-in if you inform us of your approximate arrival time in advance.

Accommodation charge & adjustments

Will service charge be added to the room rate?
Yes, a service charge of 10% will be added to your bill.
Can I use my credit card for payment?
Yes, we accept payment by Visa, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard.


What type of accommodations does your hotel offer?
We have a restaurant, a lounge and a bar on the 1st floor,
and tennis courts and a gymnasium are also available outside.
→ Facilities in nature
Let me know the room accommodations.
All rest rooms are equipped with washlets and some rooms have bath tubs with natural hot mineral water.
Suite rooms are highly recommended.→ Room Accommodations
What are available for rent?
We have trouser presses, hair dryers, nail clippers,
and DVD players and DVDs are available for rent.
Up to how many people can stay in a room?
Maximum 7 people can stay in a suite room.
Can I stay by myself?
Yes, you can.
Can I stay with pets?
We are very sorry but we don't accommodate any pets.
If you wish, we can give you information on kennels around Imari.
* A guide dog is acceptable to accompany you.

Guests with children

How much are the accommodation rates for infants and children?
We setup the accommodation rate per night with 2 meals for elementary school children. It is based on
For children : 8,000 yen per night with 2 meals on weekdays (not including service charge and tax)
For infants : 6,000 yen per night with 2 meals on weekdays (not including service charge and tax)
10% of the rate will be added on Saturday, Sunday and the day before holidays.
We also offer the rates just for a dinner and a breakfast for infants.

Our current rate is as follows (not including service charge and tax):
Dinner : 2,000 yen Breakfast : 1,200 yen
Do you offer any items for infants?
Amenity goods for children, such as toothbrushes, towels and slippers, are provided.
Do you have a daycare facility?
No, we don't offer it.
Can you prepare baby foods?
We will try to meet your request as much as we can if you ask for baby food at the time of your reservation or check-in.
Please don't forget to notify us if your baby has any food allergies.


Can I change the menu for dinner?
Please request your choice of menu at the time of reservation. You can choose from a Chef's picks course in a private room, Teppan-yaki Grill or Tempura at the counter. Please notify us the change by the day of or before your arrival.
Does the room rate include a dinner and a breakfast?
Yes, our hotel rate includes 2 meals.
Our meals are outstanding.
We would like to stay for 2 nights. Are we going to have the same dinner menu?
We offer different menus each night to the guests who stay more than 2 nights.
What are the hours for the dinner?
It starts from 18:00 and the last call is 21:00.
It closes at 21:30.
What are the hours for the breakfast?
It is from 7:00 to 10:00.
What should we do in the case we can’t make it to the dinner on time?
We will consider room service for those who miss dinner time.


Can we use a personal computer in the room?
Currently, LAN cables are available only in some rooms.
We are planning to have our wedding here.
There are Japanese and Western style rooms available for a wedding ceremony (Western style) or any kind of party.
Do you have any special packages for the commemorative trip?
We serve a glass of wine for guests on their birthdays or just married couples. Please request that at the time of reservation.
Our wine is our hotel's original and you can choose either Red or White.
We would like to have a banquet.
There are Japanese and Western style banquet halls available.
Do you have non-smoking rooms?
It is entirely non-smoking inside our hotel.
There is a designated smoking area on the first floor.
Do you offer a laundry service?
If you stay over 2 nights, you can pick up your laundry the following afternoon. We don't offer same day service.
You may also use our on-site washing machines without charge.
Are a hair dryer and towels available in the room?
Yes, they are available in all rooms.
How is the accessibility for a handicapped person at your hotel?
It is wheelchair-accessible.
Are the toilets Western-style or Japanese-style?
All of the toilets in our guest rooms are Western-style.
Do you offer any medical services?
We have contact with local hospitals at the front desk.
Can we check in in the midnight and take a rest until the next morning?
We are sorry but we only accept our standard accommodation plan for a night with 2 meals.
Can we use a room for a rest on a day trip?
We are sorry, but we can't accept the request at this time.
Can we use the spa on a day trip?
We are sorry, but we can't accept the request at this time.
Can you arrange taxi service for local sightseeing?
Yes, we take care of that.
A guideline of a sightseeing taxi fee (submitted by Saihi Kamenoi Taxi)
One hour : 3,900 yen (basic rate) --- Total fee will be calculated by multiplying this by the actual time that is spent.
2 hours : 7,800 yen
3 hours : 11,700 yen
6 hours : 23,400 yen


We would like to go sightseeing in Imari town.
We can send you a brochure for Imari sightseeing by mail
or give you information over the phone.
Is there any grocery stores nearby?
There is a convenience store in 3-minute drive from here.
Is there ATM nearby?
ATMs are available at the convenience store mentioned above and at a bank near Imari station. There is also the Seven Bank at 7-Eleven store, a 3 minutes drive, as well as the Saga Bank and the Nishi Nihon Bank, a 10 minutes drive.

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