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a resort hotel in Imari, home of world famous early Imari ware.
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Forest INN IMARI (hereinafter referred to as gweh) collects information that would identify you as the sender upon receiving your reservation request. We believe we are responsible for protecting our guest's private information. Therefore, we carry out our responsibility by following the gPrivate Policyh regulations below.

1. Compliance with a regulation
We comply with the regulation and other guidelines in regard to personal information, and will maintain it properly.

2. Definition of personal information
Personal information refers to information that can be used to uniquely identify a single individual by their names, ages, phone numbers, addresses, or/and mail addresses.

3. Management and Protection of personal information
We will designate a responsible person who will manage personal information properly and prevent disclosure of such information. We provide appropriate and reasonable measures to protect such information against illegal access, loss, damage, or falsification of personal information.

4. Provision of personal information
Personal information shall not been disclosed or provided to a third party, in principle, without the person's consent. However, it may be disclosed and provided without the person's consent by a request from law enforcement or government authorities, such as a court, police, etc.

5. Disclosure and correction of personal information
When we receive a request from a guest for disclosure of his/her personal information, we will meet his/her request immediately except in cases where such requests interferes with our jobs or harms one's life, body, property or other interests. We also conduct our investigation immediately when a guest requests a correction or deletion of his/her personal information. Once we confirm that such action needs to be taken, we shall do so without delay.


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