Hotel Utilization Rules

Please cooperate with the following utilization rules the hotel has established based on Article 11 of Lodgment Clauses so that Forest INN IMARI can be used safely and comfortably by our guests.
Based on Article 12 Item 1 of Lodgment Clauses, if you do not abide by these rules the hotel will be forced to refuse to allow you to stay or utilize facilities within the hotel. Also, please note that you may be responsible for any damages incurred by the hotel.

1. About guestroom utilization

2. About the key to your room

3. About payment, etc.

4. About valuables and goods left in our custody

5. About parking lot utilization

6. Prohibited matters

Please refrain from bringing any of the following items into the hotel or committing any of the following acts, as they may disturb other guests.

7. If there is concern about violation of public order

8. About damage to furnishings and the like

You may be required to provide compensation for damage to, dirtying of, or loss of structures, furnishings, or other items unless resulting from reasons of force majeure.

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